Hair oiling is an age old practice of putting oil onto hair and massaging it into the scalp to increase lustre, strength and softness. This practice has been used all over the world for centuries. It is also recommended in Ayurvedic medicine.

To oil your hair effectively, oiling should be done using right techniques. If you want to avoid hair fall and grow thick and shiny hair, try following hair oiling techniques:

  1. Heat oil to a warm temperature before applying it on your hair.
  2. Make partitions while oiling your hair. Rub oil in each partition.
  3. Avoid using too much oil. Start applying little to each part of scalp and hair, then massage. Massaging is important than the quantity of oil you use.
  4. Dip your fingertips in oil. Gently massage with fingers on scalp by putting your hands inside hair.
  5. Avoid washing your hair immediately after oiling. If you do not like to wear oily hair, wash your hair the next day. When the oil stays for longer time, it soaks in the scalp better.
  6. Oil your hair at least once a week. If your hair is very dry, you should oil it at least twice a week. Rub oil on the roots of your hair. It helps to improve blood circulation and make hair silky and strong.


Indian Head Massage is a grooming technique used by women all over India. It is used to strengthen and improve the fullness of hair. It is also helpful to reduce stress. Most commonly used oils for head massage are:

  1. ALMOND OIL = Almond oil helps in reducing aches, pains and stiffness, thus promoting healthy hair.
  2. COCONUT OIL = Coconut oil helps in moisturizing scalp, encourage hair growth and reduce stress.
  3. MUSTARD OIL = Mustard oil relieves aches, pains and stiffness, reduce swelling and purify blood by opening the pores.
  4. OLIVE OIL = Olive oil has similar properties as that of mustard oil. And it doesnot have pungent smell as that of mustard oil.
  5. SESAME OIL = Sesame oil relieves aches, pains and stiffness, increase hair growth, reduce hair greying and promotes natural shine of hair.

Thus massage your hair and scalp regularly with your favorite oil for that shiny and healthy hair…

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